How Do You Play the Online Game Happy Wheels?

How Do You Play the Online Game Happy Wheels?

To play "Happy Wheels," control the character using the arrow keys and use other keys to perform actions. The game is available on the games section of, as of June 2015.

Visit the home page, and click on Games. Click on "Happy Wheels."

The game's main menu options include Play, Browse Levels, Load Level/Replay, Level Editor and Options. The game allows users to create levels that other users can then play. Create levels using the Level Editor.

Clicking Play brings up featured levels, while Browse Levels brings up all available levels. Each level has a description written by the creator, a user rating and its playable character listed.

From the Options menu, you can set up graphical options, sound options and keyboard controls. By default, the arrow keys control the character's movement, including acceleration, deceleration, and leaning left or right. The space bar makes the character perform his primary action, while the shift and control keys make him perform secondary actions. The Z key ejects the character. The C key changes the camera angle.

Objectives and available actions vary depending on the level. Levels typically have a finish line for the player to reach, although there are levels with no finish line or objectives.