How Do You Play Online Birth Games?


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Gamers can play online birthing games such as “Cute Girl Givin Birth” and “Give a Birth to Your Daughter” on arcade websites such as GaHe.com and Mafa.com. Both of these games are completely free to play and don't require the players to download them to their computers.

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“Cute Girl Givin Birth” starts off with a story comic that shows a timeline of the girl's life, leading up to her pregnancy. Once the game starts, players use a computer mouse to click on the items that the game indicates. After helping the girl give birth, players weigh the baby and wrap it up in a blanket. On the last screen of the game, players have the option to save or replay the game.

In “Give a Birth to Your Daughter,” players use a computer mouse to help a mother and doctor complete objectives to get ready for birthing. Some of the objectives include helping the mother walk around the room and breathe and aiding the doctor in massaging the mother's muscles. After the mother gives birth, the players clean and care for the baby.

“Give a Birth to Your Daughter” also requires the player to take measurements of the baby, including her weight and the size of her head and body. If the players make it to the end, they get an ending screen with the dad holding his infant daughter.

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