How Do You Play Old-School "Battle Chess" Online?


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Gamers can play the old-school Nintendo Entertainment System “Battle Chess” on Game-Oldies.com and other arcade websites. This site uses a Flash emulator to allow gamers to play NES games within an Internet browser without having to download the games.

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“Battle Chess” follows the same rules as a typical game of chess. However, when a player captures an opponent's piece, a battle cut scene plays. The battles change depending on the pieces evolved, and the cut scenes transport the battling pieces off of the board and into the field of battle.

Players have to use a computer keyboard to interact with the game. The arrow keys move the cursor around the chess board. Players use the X key to select a piece and then move the cursor to the area on the board where they wish to move that piece. Players can only select areas of the board that the selected piece can legally move to.

“Battle Chess” on the NES is a port of the 1988 DOS game of the same name. The game was also ported to other systems, including the Apple II, Amiga and Commodore 64. The developer of the game, Interplay, made updated versions of the game such as “Battle Chess: Game of Kings.”

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