How Do You Play "Old Maid"?

How Do You Play "Old Maid"?

Old Maid is a fun family card game that two to eight players can enjoy. The purpose of the game is to avoid having the Old Maid in your hand. If you get this card, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. To play this game, you need to set it up, pair cards together and take turns.

  1. Set up the game

    Set up the game by using a standard 52-card deck. Remove all but one queen from the deck. This queen will serve as the Old Maid. Shuffle, and deal out all the cards evenly among players.

  2. Pair the cards

    Once you have your cards in your hand, remove any pairs. For example, pair two jacks together, and set the cards aside. If you have three jacks, pair two of them together and keep the third.

  3. Take turns

    After each player removes all pairs, take turns. You do this by picking a card from the player's hand to the right of you. If the card you pick has a match in your hand, pair the cards together and set them aside. If not, place it in your hand, and fan out your cards face down to the person on your left. Allow that player to pick a card.

  4. Finish the game

    Continue in a clockwise fashion until all the cards are paired together. Everybody who doesn't have the Old Maid at the end of the game wins. The person with the designated queen card loses.