How Do I Play Multiplayer on "Quake III Arena"?

According to Planet Quake, the easiest way to play multiplayer in ?Quake III Arena? is with a local area network. A LAN game can be set up by loading ?Quake III Arena? and choosing the multiplayer option from the main menu. Once loaded, players click on the box that says ?Servers? until it reads ?Local.? After that, any ?Quake III Arena? games on that LAN become available.

If there are no ?Quake III Arena? games running on a LAN connection, users can easily set up one. This is done by selecting a computer in the house to act as the server for the game. Once a computer is chosen, the players need to start ?Quake III Arena? and choose the multiplayer option from the main menu. Near the bottom of the multiplayer menu screen, there is a button that says ?Create.? Clicking this button takes the user to the ?Game Server? screen. Here players can select the type of ?Quake III Arena? game they want to set up. This includes free for all, tournament, capture the flag and team death match.

Planet Quake says that players can also play online via the Internet by choosing ?Internet? instead of ?Local? on the multiplayer main menu screen. Once Internet is chosen, the player has the ability to choose between a list of online servers that are running the game. Choosing a server takes players to their chosen game.