How Do I Play Multiplayer on Minecraft?


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To play multiplayer on Minecraft, the game can be set to offline mode for split-screen play or the player can join a multiplayer server. The type of multiplayer chosen depends on the players' preferences.

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There are two ways to play multiplayer in Minecraft: online and offline. In order to play multiplayer on Minecraft through an offline world, the proper button must be unchecked.

  1. Choosing world
  2. Going to Start Game and choosing either New Game or Load Existing World brings the player to the final screen.

  3. Take it offline
  4. On this final screen, uncheck the Online World button in order to ensure the game is offline, for silvers and above on Xbox.

  5. Accept
  6. Click OK and hit the start button on the second controller to add to game. Follow the same instructions.

For playing online together on Minecraft:

  1. Choose world
  2. The player goes to Start Game and chooses New Game or Load Existing One.

  3. Sign in
  4. This pops up the Guest Sign in Window where the player can sign in friends. Only gold members can join the game at any point; with anything less than gold, they are required to sign in from the start.

  5. Play
  6. The online split-screen can actually have up to four players, and each world online can have up to eight separate players. It is also easier to choose multiplayer in Minecraft by naming a server to play on.

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