How Do You Play Multiplayer "Mancala" Online?


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“Mancala Snails” allows players to enjoy a game of “Mancala” online with friends from the same PC. This game is available to play online for free at Two Player Games. Gamers can also play “Mancala” against computer opponents at Coolmath-Games.com.

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Whether playing against computer or other human players, the goal of “Mancala” is the same. Players attempt to move as many gems as possible from their cups into their mancalas, which are located on each end of the game board. Players control the game using a computer mouse. If playing “Mancala Snails,” players have to take turns sharing the computer mouse.

At the start of a turn, the player must choose a group of gems from his side of the board to move counter-clockwise. Gems are placed in each cup that they pass over as they move around the board. If the last gem in the group of gems that the player chooses lands in his mancala, he gets to move again. The game ends when there are no more gems left or a player clears his side of all gems.

Players can steal gems from their opponents to give themselves an edge. If the last gem that a player moves lands in an empty cup, and his opponent has gems across from that cup on the other side of the board, the player gets to move all of the gems in both cups into his mancala.

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