How Do You Play "MovieStarPlanet" Online?


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Play the online game "MovieStarPlanet" by creating a customized movie star avatar and accompanying account, then participating in various activities within the game's virtual world. Players are able to obtain new outfits and hairstyles for the avatar, as well as record animated movies to share with friends.

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The free-to-play online game "MovieStarPlanet" has a target audience of boys and girls starting at the age of eight and going up to the age of 15, though there is no actual age limit for players. The game includes various social features typical of online multiplayer games, including avatar creation and customization and chatting tools. The game contains generally open-ended gameplay that places the emphasis on user interactions over reaching any specific end goal. The game does not charge players to play, but does offer a paid VIP package that provides access to various features, as of 2015.

Much of the gameplay consists of the different players interacting with each other and exploring the world. One major feature is the ability to record movies of the avatar to share with other players. The game also contains various minigames that allow the player to earn virtual currency to spend at in-game stores. Most stores feature different customization items for the avatars, such as pants, shirts and accessories.

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