How Do You Play "MovieStarPlanet"?

How Do You Play "MovieStarPlanet"?

"MovieStarPlanet" is a social networking game geared for children ages 8 to 15, which they can play directly on A users can create a customized avatar and sign up for a free account by entering her birthday, creating a user name and choosing a password.

"MovieStarPlanet" aims to be a safe and secure way for children to interact with each other. An email address is not required to start an account. While the game is free, players can pay money to unlock extended features.

After creating an avatar and accepting the site's terms and conditions, the player is introduced to a non-playable character named Pixi Star, who offers a brief tutorial on how to play. From there, the player can venture towards one of five categories: Games, MovieTown, Chat, Shopping and Pets.

The currency of the game is StarCoins, which the user can earn by playing games or creating movies that other players can watch. After gaining StarCoins, a player can purchase additional costumes, animations and movie backdrops within the game. "MovieStarPlanet" encourages creativity and social activity, and it lets players move up in the game while developing their skills.

While the game keeps safety in mind, "MovieStarPlanet" encourages parents to discuss online activity with their children. Since the only way to identify a player is by the user name, the player should choose a handle that doesn't contain any personal information.