How Do You Play "Movie Star Planet" Games?


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From the "Movie Star Planet" main menu, click on Games to bring up a list of games to play with other users. These games are an efficient and fun way to get fame and starcoins more quickly.

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"Dress Up" is a costume-based game that requires a fast fashion sense. When a category appears at the top of the screen, choose an outfit that best fits the aesthetic it asks for. Categories can be wide-ranging and might include "Handy" or "Narnia." Once all the characters are dressed, users take turns judging who chose the most appropriate outfit for the category.

"Catwalk" has the same rules as "Dress Up" but is only available to higher-level characters. This game allows users to choose from their own wardrobes rather than from stock clothing options, which makes the game more difficult and more personalized.

"Crazy Cards" gives players a hand of virtual cards with different people and other nouns written on them. Gameplay is similar to that of the board game Apples to Apples. A category appears at the top of the screen with an adjective, such as "loud" or "shiny," and users turn in their cards to attempt to make the best or most funny match. Like "Dress Up," users take turns judging who made the best match.

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