How Do You Play "Mouse Trap" Online?


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Play the game "Mouse Trap" by clicking on different hexagonal sections of the play area in an attempt to trap a mouse. Clicking on a hexagon causes a pillar to rise up and causes the mouse to move closer to the edge. The game ends if the mouse escapes.

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After clicking Start, the game randomly generates a new opening configuration of hexagon pillars and places the mouse at a random spot on the field. Begin play by clicking on any of the green tiles and raising a new hexagonal pillar. After each pillar rises, the mouse moves a space towards the open edge of the map to escape. The mouse always moves towards the nearest opening, with the various pillars blocking its path to keep it from moving through them. Use the existing pillars as part of the strategy to block in the mouse and keep it from escaping.

The game also begins with a score of 20,000 points. Each time you raise a new pillar, the score decreases by 50 points. At the end of each game, you have the option to submit your score to an online leader board or to a teacher. If the mouse escapes, the score reduces to zero, while successfully capturing the mouse preserves the remaining score total.

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