How Do You Play Monster High Games?


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Gamers play “Monster High” games such as “Scary Sun” and “Skulltastic Survival” online using a computer keyboard and mouse. Unlike the “Monster High” games released on video game consoles, these Web games are free to play.

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In “Scary Sun,” players take control of Draculaura as she digs into the sand to escape the sun's harmful rays after a wave washes away her SPF 500 sunscreen. Unfortunately, the sand is full of creatures that don't like Draculaura invading their home. Players use the arrow keys to move Draculaura in the sand. Pressing the space bar makes her attack. The goal is to clear out all of the creatures in the sand and progress to the next level.

In “Skulltastic Survival,” players become a student at Monster High and have to pass all of their classes. Each class is a different mini game that requires the player to use different controls. For example, the Mad Science class involves making sure that beakers full of eyeballs don't get too hot or cold. Players use the arrow keys to choose a beaker, the A key to heat a beaker and the Z key to cool it. In the Home Ick class, players have to use the mouse to drag and drop food on plants to keep them happy without overfeeding them.

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