How Do You Play "Monkey Quest" Online?

How Do You Play "Monkey Quest" Online?

As of September 2014, gamers can no longer play “Monkey Quest” online. The developer officially closed all of the previous “Monkey Quest” accounts and sent those who paid for memberships a refund for any unused account time.

The company shut down “Monkey Quest” as Nickelodeon shifted its focus from Internet browsers to the mobile marketplace. Players who still have items in their “Monkey Quest” accounts no longer have access to these items. They also can no longer redeem virtual prizes and codes for the game.

To uninstall “Monkey Quest” from a computer, use the Add/Remove Programs option in the Control Panel. Double-clicking the uninstall.exe file in the folder directory of the “Monkey Quest” also uninstalls the program.

As of July 2014, the developer also no longer sells “Monkey Quest: Thunderbow,” which is an iOS game. Users who downloaded the game prior to its removal can still play the game on their iOS devices. Any “Monkey Quest: Thunderbow” download links that websites still offer are unofficial, and gamers should avoid them.

When the company still offered “Monkey Quest: Thunderbow,” the game featured 10 different stages, five of which were exclusive to the mobile version of the game. The game also featured an original soundtrack and fully animated characters.