How Do You Play "Monkey GO Happy"?


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Play "Monkey GO Happy" by using the mouse to click on different items in each level to trigger events that cause the monkey character to become happy. Each level contains different goals and challenges, with each solution requiring a careful observation of the environment.

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The game "Monkey GO Happy" doesn't include any difficulty or level selection screens, instead immediately moving into gameplay. Each level presents the simple goal of making the monkey in the level happy through the use of the surrounding items. The exact methods for bringing happiness to the monkey are unique to each level and incorporate specific items in the scene. Most levels contain relatively simple logical assumptions in order to reach the solutions.

You interact with the majority of the items in each level by clicking on them, which usually results in a set, one-time reaction from the item. However, clicking on certain items allows you to pick them up and move them around the level to interact with other items. For example, in the first level, clicking on a coconut in the tree causes it to drop to the ground. Once it is on the ground, clicking on the knife allows you to pick it up and then slice the coconut via a subsequent click.

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