How Do You Play "Minnie's Bow-Maker"?


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Play the game "Minnie's Bow-Maker" on DisneyJunior.com by creating a series of bows according to the on-screen list through the use of a special bow-making machine. The machine has a component for choosing the color, pattern and type of sparkle necessary to match the list of bows.

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The overall goal of "Minnie's Bow-Maker" is to make bows following the patterns and order as they appear in the list Minnie presents to you at the start of the game. Make each bow by choosing the components on a special machine. Each bow consists of three separate components that correspond to three areas on the machine, with buttons for cycling through the different options. Once you choose the correct color, pattern and sparkle type for the bow, click the button at the end of the machine to manufacture the bow. If it matches, Minnie congratulates you and explains the components of the next bow.

The game focuses on pattern recognition rather than action gameplay, making it a puzzle game. Each list includes several different bows to make, with Minnie commenting on your progress and the aspects of each bow to help players identify the differences and make the correct choices. The game also features voice-over instructions on using the machine and the basic controls of the game.

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