How Do You Play Miniclip's "8 Ball Pool?"?

How Do You Play Miniclip's "8 Ball Pool?"?

To play "8 Ball Pool" on, as of 2015, use the cursor to position the pool stick. When you want to hit the cue ball, click and drag the pool stick back to set the power, and release to hit the ball. Hit the necessary balls in to win.

To play the game, visit and click Pool. If you have an account, click Play and log in. Otherwise, click Play as Guest.

The game uses standard rules for Pool. One player breaks and continues to play if he pockets a ball on his break. Otherwise, it's the second player's turn. The first player to pocket a ball after the break claims that type of ball.

Pocket all the balls of your type, followed by the black eight ball, to win the game. If you pocket the eight ball before all of your balls, you immediately lose, unless it occurs on the break.

Use the white line on the cue ball to aim. When you point the cue ball at another ball, that ball displays a white line to assist with aiming. However, if it's the opponent's ball type, it displays a red circle with a slash. Hitting an opponent's ball first with the cue ball is a foul.