How Do You Play "Minecraft" on the Pixelmon Server?

There are many "Minecraft" servers dedicated to the mod pack Pixelmon, each with its own advantages. To play, first install the Pixelmon mod pack via the Technic Launcher or Forge mod loader, and then choose a server to join.

The Pixelmon mod pack alters the game of "Minecraft" to create a hybrid with the game "Pokémon." Beginning users are prompted to choose a starter Pokémon and are then given free rein to battle and capture other Pokémon. Poké Balls are crafted using Apricorns, iron ingots and stone buttons. To battle with a wild Pokémon or a fellow trainer, toss a Poké Ball, and hit your desired opponent. This opens the battle menu.

When joining a Pixelmon server, new options for play emerge. Trade becomes available, as do events, contests and group builds. Some servers customize the game further by removing fall damage, hunger and natural "Minecraft" mobs. Other servers focus more on the environment and create elaborate structures for the PokéCenters and gyms. As of July 12, 2015, the top three Pixelmon servers on are DestinyMC, RC-Pixelmon and PPMC Pixelmon Network.

Many high-volume Pixelmon servers offer paid services, such as an increase in player rank or rare in-game items. These offers and fees vary.