How Do You Play Minecraft?


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Play the PC version of "Minecraft" by spawning your world, pushing buttons for movement controls, building shelters, farming and surviving. Win the game by defeating the Ender dragon after locating a portal in a hidden stronghold.

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  1. Make your world

    After installing the original PC version of "Minecraft," click on the icon to open the game. Click on "Create New World" to start the game.

  2. Know your controls

    Click on "Controls" during the pause menu to discover how to move in "Minecraft." Use default keys to move Steve, the protagonist, such as "W" for forward, "S" for backwards, "D" to move right and "A" to move left. The space bar makes Steve jump and "E" opens your inventory. Left-click and hold to swing at something for mining, chopping and attacking.

  3. Make a shelter

    Chop wood by left-clicking on a tree. Get as many blocks of wood as you can, place them into a crafting slot in your inventory, and make wood planks. Use these planks to make a temporary shelter until you craft more stuff.

  4. Make tools

    Once inside your shelter, start making tools. Enter your character's crafting area by clicking the inventory button, and create a crafting table from four wooden planks in your character's crafting area. Make sticks and a wooden pickaxe to start mining underground for coal.

  5. Survive

    Live a long time by finding food, farming and defending yourself against creature attacks. Nearby animals can be captured for livestock, and plants can produce seeds for farming.

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