How Do You Play Minecraft With No Download?

How Do You Play Minecraft With No Download?

A gamer can play the Minecraft official demo version without downloading it. The player needs to register for a Mojang account on the Minecraft official website to play the demo version. Other ways of playing Minecraft without downloading it are by using Minecraft Classic or the older versions of Minecraft.

To play Minecraft without downloading it, visit the Minecraft official website and select to play the demo. The gamer is then asked to register an account. For the creation of a new Mojang account, the website requires the players to enter their email address and a password along with their date of birth.

The website requests this information for verification purposes. The site sends a verification link to the registered email address on the creation of the account. Ensure to have the Java version up to date and a modern web browser that can run the Minecraft demo. The demo allows the gamer to play for around two hours in the single mode and the survival mode. After two hours, the demo crashes.

The classic version does not allow the gamers to save the game but allows them to play only in the creative mode. It does include all the essentials of the original Minecraft. Enable Java in the browser to proceed with Minecraft Classic.

The new launcher allows running the older versions of the game. The user needs to create a profile and select the use of alpha and beta Minecraft versions.