How Do You Play "Minecraft" for Free on Your Computer?


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Minecraft offers a free demo of the game for download on Minecraft.net. Directly below the orange Get Minecraft button is a small link with the text Play the Demo. The full Mac/PC version of Minecraft costs about $27 as of 2015.

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While the demo mode is useful for players trying to decide whether or not to buy the game, it has limitations. Multiplayer mode is inaccessible, and players are typically restricted to survival mode.

In order to download the demo from Minecraft.net, a user must first register a Mojang account and log into the "Minecraft" launcher. The demo allows users to play for 100 minutes, or five "Minecraft" days, before the map locks and the game must be reset. Resetting the game world also resets the 100 minute timer, which allows a player to use the demo as many times as he wishes.

Some players attempting to access the full "Minecraft" game without paying ask others to "share accounts." This involves asking another "Minecraft" user to share his name and password in violation of Mojang AB's "Minecraft" End User License Agreement and can result in termination of the EULA with both players. It is impossible for one account to be used on two separate computers at the same time.

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