How Do You Play "Mine Blocks 3"?


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Play "Mine Blocks 3" by using the "W," "A," "S" and "D" keys to move a character through a two-dimensional world to explore and build various types of structures. Use the mouse to target different elements of the game and interact with them by left clicking.

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The overall purpose of "Mine Blocks 3" is to build and explore an interactive world, with gameplay similar to that of the game "Minecraft." "Mine Blocks 3" uses a similar art style to "Minecraft" as well as a similar mining mechanic. In "Mine Blocks 3," the main gameplay mechanic is the mining of different on-screen elements in order to break them down into smaller components for use in other constructs. Though the name implies the use of tools to uncover special items from the ground, the actual action of mining means breaking down the various solid components of the world.

Use the "A" and "D" keys to make the character move left and right across the screen and the "W" key to make him jump. Pressing the "S" key causes the player to crouch down slightly. If you set up an account with the game, you can earn experience points for your character by attacking monsters you encounter.

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