How Do You Play "Mine Blocks 2"?

Play the game "Mine Blocks 2" by using the keyboard and mouse to explore a tile-based world while collecting resources and battling creatures. The game features multiple modes, the ability to create various worlds and the freedom to upload custom texture packs to alter the game's visual style.

The basic instructions for "Mine Blocks 2" include using the A and D buttons to move the player throughout the game area, pressing the W button to jump and using the left mouse button to interact with the world. Interactions include mining, which creates base components for use elsewhere, and attacking oncoming enemies. It is possible to change these controls through the game's menu, but only before entering a game world.

Each world contains a variety of block types, and the overall tone of the game draws inspiration from the popular "Minecraft." The primary difference between "Minecraft and "Mine Blocks 2" is that the former takes place in a three-dimensional world, whereas the latter is two-dimensional. Both "Minecraft" and "Mine Blocks 2" feature a creation mode, in which players can freely build and design different constructs, and a survival mode. In the survival mode, players have a health meter and must fight monsters.