How Do You Play "Mighty Guy Part 3"?

Computer gamers use the arrow keys on the keyboard to play “Mighty Guy Part 3.” Players use the left and right arrows to move forward and backward, and the up arrow key to jump.

“Mighty Guy Part 3” continues the adventures of Mighty Guy from where “Mighty Guy Part 2” left off. This time, players have to guide Mighty Guy across a sea and up a volcano. Although the game is short and can be finished in just a few minutes, it states “to be continued” at the end of the adventure, hinting at a possible sequel.

“Mighty Guy Part 3” is considered a forced-scrolling game. These types of games don't give players any control over the pace of the game. Instead, they have to time their key presses to avoid objects as they come into view.

Players only get five lives to complete the game. When an object hits Mighty Guy, the players continue playing from where he was hit if they have at least one life remaining. If the players lose all of their lives, they must restart the game.

Just like the other Mighty Guy games, “Mighty Guy 3” features a unique art style that makes it look like it was hand-drawn with a pencil. The game also appears as if the gamers are playing on a piece of paper.