How Do You Play "Mighty Guy 2"?


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To play the free online game "Mighty Guy 2," use the left and right arrow keys to move the character back and forth across the screen to avoid obstacles, and use the up arrow to jump. Each round provides five lives, with the game ending once all lives are lost.

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At the start of the game, you watch a short scene in which a stick figure jumps off of a car and over a cliff. Just before reaching the water, the character is rescued from an attacking shark and jumps onto a personal watercraft. The bulk of the gameplay consists of avoiding various obstacles while moving perpetually forward on the personal watercraft. Pressing the right arrow key speeds the character forward, while pressing the right arrow key slows the character down and moves him towards the left of the screen. Pressing the up arrow key causes the character to jump.

The game begins by sending a series of randomly generated buoys towards the player that he must jump over. After initiating a jump, pressing the left or right arrow keys allows the player to move in the corresponding direction on the ascent or descent. Over time new obstacles appear increasing the overall difficulty. Whenever the player hits an obstacles he loses a life.

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