How Do You Play Mexican Train?


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To play Mexican Train, a double-12 set of dominoes is required. The sets should include every possible pair of numbers from zero to 12. Markers are also needed; you can use coins as markers.

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Four players draw 15 dominoes each. The remaining dominoes are left face down in the boneyard. The game starts with the double-12 domino, and each round after that is started with the double domino in decreasing order until players reach the double zero. If no one has drawn the correct double, players must draw from the boneyard until the correct double is found. For the first round, play starts with the person who played the double, and players are allowed to play as many dominoes as they wish, as long as the adjacent ends match each other. If a player is unable to start his train, he must put a marker on his train. This marker indicates that any player may play a domino on it.

After the first round, players are only allowed to play one domino at a time. A player may only play more than one domino if he plays a double. If the player does not have a domino that he can play, he must draw. At the end of each round, points are added by counting the spots on the remaining dominoes. The player with the fewest points at the end of 13 rounds is the winner.

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