How Do You Play the Melodica?


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To play the melodica, you have to hold the instrument correctly, blow into the windpipe to produce sound and finger the keys appropriately to sound the right notes. The melodica is a reed wind instrument similar to a harmonica, but it has a small piano-style keyboard attached to it. Playing a key opens a hole so that air can flow through to a reed.

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  1. Hold the melodica correctly

    Use your left hand to hold the melodica; this instrument is designed to be played with the right hand. Keep your right hand relaxed on the keyboard, with the fingers bent. Press lips to the mouthpiece or flex tube, covering it completely.

  2. Blow into the windpipe

    Breathe air into the melodica to produce a smooth note. Move mouth and lips into a whistling formation to produce a heavier sound. Make use of your tongue to produce staccato notes. Vary your breath to create a tremolo effect. Do not blow too hard, or you may displace the reed inside the instrument. The more notes you play on the keyboard at once, the softer the sound is and the more you need to blow.

  3. Play the keyboard

    Practice playing scales on the keyboard to get used to the feel of the instrument. Keep your right hand relaxed as you play, with your thumb balanced on the bottom of the melodica.

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