How Do You Play a Medic in "Team Fortress 2"?

How Do You Play a Medic in "Team Fortress 2"?

Medics in Team Fortress 2 primarily heal and ubercharge their teammates. Their main weapon is the medigun, and firing the weapon at a friendly or enemy spy heals that player. The more damaged that player is, the faster they heal.

  1. Heal your teammates

    The basic role of a medic is to heal your team. Playing an effective medic requires players to continually stay behind other characters and heal them as needed. Medics can also overheal, which brings a player to 150 percent of their maximum health and is useful when not directly in combat.

  2. Ubercharge wisely

    As the medic heals players, a meter at the bottom of their screen fills. When that meter is full, the medic may activate the ubercharge ability. This ability grants a temporary period of immunity to both the medic and the teammate the ubercharge is activated on. The ubercharge should be used strategically, as it can be used to turn the tide of a battle depending on who it is used on and the current situation.

  3. Use alternate weapons as needed

    The medic's secondary weapon is the syringe gun, and its melee weapon is the bonesaw. Both of these should be upgraded as soon as possible to the Blutsauger and Ubersaw, as they provide significant combat advantages.