How Do You Play the Mazin' Hamsters Game?


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To play the "Mazin' Hamsters" game, log in to your Webkinz account, and enter the special code that comes with the hamster. Players can build mazes for their hamsters and interact with them as Webkinz characters. To play with the hamsters, you must have an active Webkinz account.

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Unlike regular Webkinz stuffed animals, purchasing and adopting a hamster does not add a room to your virtual house in the Webkinz game. However, the hamsters show up in already existing rooms, and also have a special area of their own, which players access by clicking on Things To Do and then clicking on Mazin' Hamsters in the Explore menu.

Choose to play in and explore the Hamster Hamlet, play in premade mazes, or construct mazes of your own for your hamster to run through. Inside the mazes, hamsters collect a variety of gems, stars and other items that become Mazin' Moolah, which can be spent on virtual items in the Mazin' Mall. Items available for purchase at the Mazin' Mall are tube pieces, designs and rooms for constructing mazes, as well as Webkinz items such as furniture, clothing and accessories for the virtual pets.

Players can also unlock their Mazin' Hamsters in "Amazing World," a free online 3-D MMO game for kids. The same Mazin' Hamster access code can be used for both "Amazing World" and "Webkinz."

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