How Do You Play "Marvel Super Hero Squad Online"?

How Do You Play "Marvel Super Hero Squad Online"?

To play "Marvel Superhero Squad Online," visit, and click on Play Now. Click on Sign Up, then enter a login name, password and email address to create an account, as of June 2015.

Begin the game with four characters in your squad: Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man and Black Widow. Control your character using the keyboard or mouse. Choose a hero from your squad, then choose a mission or activity. Since multiple types of activities and missions are available, game play varies for each one.

Each character has different combat abilities. You can perform attack combos at any time in combat. When you hit an enemy or he hits you, your character's star power increases. A sufficient amount of star power allows your character to use power attacks and super attacks. These attacks are more powerful than normal attacks.

You receive other characters by purchasing them through the in-game store with gold and fractals. Certain characters must be unlocked by winning challenges or through special events.

By using a character, he gains experience points that increase his level. Benefits are different for each level increase, but can include health increases, improved attacks and new attacks. Badges are necessary to reach certain levels.