How Do You Play Marbles?

How Do You Play Marbles?

To play the best-known game of marbles, the Ring Game, draw a circle on the ground with a few marbles in the center, and try to hit marbles outside of the ring. The player who collects all of the marbles wins the game.

  1. Learn to shoot

    To knuckle down, or shoot a marble, cradle a marble in the top joint of your index finger. Place the knuckle of the index finger on the ground, and flick the marble with your thumb. Practice before playing the game.

  2. Set up the game

    Use a piece of chalk or a stick to draw a circle on the ground. Mark the starting line just outside of the circle. Before starting the game, each player places a few marbles in the ring.

  3. Play the game

    To determine the order of play, each player knuckles down and shoots from the starting line. Whichever player's marble stops closest to the edge of the circle goes first, the next closest goes second, and so on. The players take turns shooting from the starting line. The goal is to knock a marble out of the ring. If the shooter and target are both knocked out of the circle, the player keeps both marbles, and plays another turn. If the player knocks out a marble, but the shooter remains in the circle, the player is out and must return all won marbles to the ring. If the player does not hit out a marble, and the shooter is outside of the circle, the player loses a turn and takes his next turn from the spot the shooter came to rest. If the shooter remains in the circle after failing to hit out a marble, the player is out until the next game.