How Do You Play Marble Blast Gold Online?

A free download of Marble Blast Gold is available for Windows from Softonic. Mac and Linux versions of Marble Blast Gold are on In February 2011, GarageGames announced that it was discontinuing Marble Blast Gold, and it is no longer available from stores or other retailers. As of 2015, the only way to download Marble Blast Gold is from Softonic or

Marble Blast Gold is a 3D platformer game, where the player moves a marble from through a course. GarageGames released the game in September 2002. The company released sequels a few years later for the Xbox 360, iPhone and iPod Touch, featuring improved graphics and other new features. The game's popularity was largely due to the fact that it came pre-installed on the iMac, iBook and Mac Mini until it was discontinued in 2011.

GarageGames' OnlineInstantAction platform allowed users to play games Marble Blast Online in their browsers. Players competed against each other over the Internet, and were able to buy additional marbles and maps as well as custom avatars. Marble Blast Online was shut down when the series was discontinued.

The community surrounding the game is massive, with many individuals creating modifications and upgrades. The game was very successful, called "Some of the best fun that $14.99 can buy" by GameRankings, who gave the game an 8.4 out of a possible 10. The website hosts forums where users release modifications including custom maps, levels and graphics.