How Do You Play "Marble Blast Gold"?


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Play "Marble Blast Gold" by rolling a virtual marble from the start point to the end point of a three-dimensional course without falling off the edge of the platform. Some levels of "Marble Blast Gold" also include obstacles to bypass and gems to collect.

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Monster Studios released モMarble Blast Goldヤ in 2003. The game is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Each level of the game features a different obstacle course. Players use marble avatars to navigate through the course. The goal of the game is to guide to the marble to the designated end point without falling out of bounds.

Some levels in "Marble Blast Gold" feature obstacles that affect in-game physics, making it more difficult to navigate the marble. For example, some levels have raised platforms or tornadoes. In some instances, the marble itself gains a different ability such as "Super Bounce," which allows the marble to bounce higher and reach platforms that are out of range for the marble's normal abilities.

Some levels in the game give the player a time restraint. In this case, the player must complete the level in the allotted amount of time in order to move forward in the game. "Marble Blast Gold" also allows users to create custom levels to play or share with other users.

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