How Do You Play "Mahjong Titans" on Windows 7?


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"Mahjong Titans" is a solitaire matching game that challenges the player to remove tiles from the board. Every game starts with 144 tiles, and the player must remove them by pairing free, matching tiles. The game comes pre-installed in all editions of Windows 7 except Starter and Home Basic editions.

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Before a game of "Mahjong Titans" begins, the player must choose a pre-defined arrangement of tiles. Six layouts are available, five of which are patterned after animals. Each tile has either a basic or special pattern. Basic tiles have a single-digit number between one and nine and are divided into three categories: ball, bamboo and character. Special tiles may have letter markings and belong to one of four categories: dragons, flowers, seasons and winds.

The player can only remove a tile from the board if she can find and remove another tile with the same color, pattern and letter or number marking. However, matching a pair of flower or season tiles is valid regardless of their variation. The tiles are only removable when they are free, meaning that no other tiles cover them. The player can earn additional points by matching pairs with the same pattern in a row. The game offers hints to help players find matching pairs.

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