How Do You Play the "Mahjong Titans" Game?


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The object of solitaire computer game "Mahjong Titans" is to clear all of the tiles from the board by matching any free tile to its exact match. There are six different configurations, and each game begins with 144 tiles.

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The different configurations include turtle, cat and dragon, as well as fortress, crab and spider. The turtle configuration is the easiest one to play. The ball, bamboo and character tiles, numbered one through nine, make up the three basic tiles. There are also four special tiles consisting of winds, dragons, flowers and seasons.

In order to match two tiles, both tiles must be free, meaning they cannot be under another tile or surrounded on all sides by other tiles. Click on a free tile and a highlight appears around it. Click the exact match to the highlighted tile that is also free, and both tiles disappear from the board, freeing up new tiles to be played. Pressing H on the keyboard, or going to Game and then Hint, highlights matches if you are stuck and cannot determine your next move. To undo a move, go to Game and then click Undo, or press Ctrl+Z on the keyboard.

All tiles must be removed from the board with their exact matches, except flower and season tiles. Any two flowers or seasons tiles form a match.

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