How Do You Play "Magic Tree House" Games?

How Do You Play "Magic Tree House" Games?

To play "Magic Tree House" games, readers can visit and click on the link for "Games." Those who want to keep track of their game progress can create a free login, but games are also accessible for players who choose not to sign in.

The "Magic Tree House" book series by Mary Pope Osborne weaves historical events into a "mission" given to the two main characters, Jack and Annie. Online games follow this theme, with two games available of 2015.

To play the game "Mission Finder," players must answer questions about specific historical events to complete the mission they get at the start of the game. These answers appear in the "Magic Tree House" books.

The other online game, "Fact Tracker Showdown," offers one- and two-player as well as classroom-player options. Questions appear in multiple-choice and true/false format at various points in the game. This resource provides a review of information from the "Magic Tree House" books that is useful in classrooms or for enrichment at home.

For readers who do not want to play "Magic Tree House" games in an online format, Random House publishes "Games and Puzzles from the Tree House." This book, recommended for ages 6 to 9, includes mazes, crosswords and code-breaker activities related to the first 44 books in the series.