How Do You Play Ludo?

Ludo is a board game played by two to four players that involves moving a set of pieces around a pattern of squares on a board and into a central finish area. The object of the game is to get all the pieces into a finish area before other players do. A full game takes approximately an hour to play.

  1. Begin the game with all pieces in the home area

    Players start with their pieces in the home area. A player must roll a six of the die to get each piece out of home. When a piece enters the main area, it can be moved around the board in a clockwise fashion on a series of squares according to the roll of the die.

  2. Race the pieces around the board and back to the home area

    Each of the arms of the cross pattern on which the pieces move consists of three columns of eight squares. The outer columns contain the squares that all pieces move on, and the inner column on each arm is the color of the home pieces. The home pieces use this central column to head into the finish area. This can only be done once the pieces have gone completely around the board.

  3. Remember special rules

    Pieces cannot move into a square in which a piece of the same color sits. However, a piece can be moved into a square occupied by an opponent's piece. The opponent's piece is then sent back to the home area to begin again.