How Do You Play the Logic Game "Sugar, Sugar"?


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Play the logic game "Sugar, Sugar" by using the mouse to draw a line that allows the falling sugar from the top of the screen to fill one or more designated cups. This is done by clicking on a spot and dragging the mouse to make the line.

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At the start of the game, users must choose the Play option, as the Freeplay Mode is not available to first-time players. Once the first level loads, a stream of particles represented falling sugar begins to flow down from one of the characters in the game's title. You need to create a system that allows this falling sugar to reach the designated cup, filling it with a number of particles equal to the number written on the outside of the cup. The main gameplay mechanic is the click-based drawing system, which creates a solid boundary through which the sugar is unable to pass.

As you progress through each level, you must continue to fill one or more cups while working around different environmental obstacles. Once you draw a line, you are unable to erase it, which means that you need to think through each move carefully to avoid accidentally preventing yourself from filling multiple cups.

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