How Do You Play Liv Girls Dress up Games?


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Gamers can visit Livworld.com, click on one of the girls in the bottom right corner of the screen and then choose the Closet option to dress up one of the Liv girls. They can choose to dress up Daniela, Katie, Sophia, Alexis or Hayden.

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After successfully navigating to the closet, players change the characters' hair, tops, bottoms and accessories; they can even give the girls dogs. After choosing a category to change, they can browse through the options by clicking the on-screen arrow or dragging the butterfly icon. After they find the items that they want, they click on them to add them to the Liv girls.

By clicking on Change Scene on the left side of the screen, players can change the backgrounds behind their Liv girls. Once they have found the perfect outfits and backdrops, they can choose Take a Picture to save their artwork.

Clicking on the Game option from the menu allows players to interact with their Liv girls. Some of the games that they can choose from include “Liv Girls Spot the Difference,” “Lost in Liv World” and “Liv World Poster Designer.” All of these games are straightforward and only require the computer mouse to play.

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