How Do You Play My LIttle Pony Games?


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Gamers can play My Little Pony games for free on arcade websites such as GameKidGame.com and Hasbro.com. My Little Pony games on these sites include “Pony Race,” “Twilight Celebration Game” and “Pony Dance Party.”

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In “Pony Race,” players pick up to three different ponies to participate in a distance race. At select points during the race, players switch ponies and view a short cut scene. The left and right arrow keys move the ponies in the respective directions. The up arrow makes the pony jump, and the down arrow makes her duck. During the race, players collect clocks and other random items to improve their overall score.

The “Twilight Celebration Game” requires players to use memory skills to place objects. At the start of the game, players have a few seconds to memorize the locations of objects that are randomly placed around the room. Afterward, players must place the objects in the correct locations before time runs out. The game offers hints when time runs low.

“Pony Dance Party” is a rhythm game in which players use the computer mouse to click on symbols in tune with the music. A gauge at the bottom of the screen lets players know how well they are doing.

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