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To play "Little Alchemy," drag and drop elements onto each other to mix them and create new elements. The game is available on LittleAlchemy.com and as a smartphone application through both the iTunes App Store and Google Play, as of 2015.

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To play the game online, visit the LittleAlchemy.com home page, and then click Play once the game loads. The game starts with four available elements: air, earth, fire and water. Elements are available on the side menu. When the player creates new elements, they automatically appear in that side menu. The menu arranges elements alphabetically, and clicking a letter scrolls to elements that start with that letter.

The game tracks the number of elements the player has found compared to the total number of elements on the corner of the screen. Clicking the recycle icon automatically clears all the elements off the main screen but doesn't erase game progress. Erasing all progress is available on the settings menu, along with other options, such as changing the game's language or turning on night mode.

In addition to the element tracker, the game also gives the player achievement badges after certain element number milestones. The site also offers hints. Each hint shows an element and breaks down the elements that create it. Clicking Try Random Element on the hint page brings up a new element and its components.

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