How Do You Play "Lisa Frank" Games?


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Gamers can play Lisa Frank games by visiting websites such as Lisafrank.com, and games are typically controlled by a mouse and keyboard. The Lisa Frank game “Lisa Frank Pic n' Share” was previously available on iTunes but is no longer available as of July 2015.

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One game that players can enjoy on Lisafrank.com is “Ask Genie.” This game is similar to using a Magic 8 Ball. Players type in a question to ask the genie, and she answers back with a randomly selected response. All of the responses are generic phrases such as “no,” “yes,” “ask again later” and “don't count on it.”

Asking the genie the same question multiple times results in different answers. So if players don't like the responses that they get from the genie, they can simply resubmit the same question to get a different response. The art style of the game is the traditional Lisa Frank style with bright, vibrant colors.

Players control the game using both the computer mouse and keyboard. To ask a question, they have to click in the question box first and then type in their question. After they complete their questions, they have to use the computer mouse to click the Submit button. Pressing enter to submit the question erases it instead of submitting it.

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