How Do You Play the License Plate Game?


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One version of the license plate games involves trying to find license plates from as many states as possible. Another version involves trying to find all the letters of the alphabet in order from A to Z on different license plates. Other games based on license plates, such as license plate poker, also exist.

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In the state-based version of the license plate game, players watch the license plates of passing cars, and they keep track of which states they are from. The player or team that sees plates from the most states wins the game. Variations of this game include license plate bingo, which requires players to mark off states on a pre-printed bingo form.

In the alphabet version of the license plate game, players try to find the letters from A to Z on the license plates of passing cars. A simple variant has some players counting from A to Z, while others go through the alphabet backwards from Z to A. The first player or team to finish the whole alphabet wins the game. A more complex version of this game involves trying to find letters on license plates in consecutive order. For instance, a player would have to find AB on a plate, then BC and so on.

Another variation of the license plate game is license plate poker. In this game, players try to form winning poker hands from the letters and numbers on license plates.

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