How Do You Play the "Lemonade Stand" Game?

How Do You Play the "Lemonade Stand" Game?

Play the "Lemonade Stand" game by trying to make the assets of a virtual lemonade stand go up instead of down. The game lasts for 30 virtual days, and it is playable for free in an Internet browser.

After clicking the Play button, check the weather by watching the television. The weather affects how many people want lemonade on a particular day. If the weather is rainy, for instance, it is difficult to make sales, but if the weather is hot, it is best to make a lot of lemonade.

The Assets information shows you how much money is available to spend on advertising and supplies. Under the Asset information, notice how much the lemonade costs per glass. This number changes each day, so pay attention as new prices are set.

Choose how many signs to make by entering a number in the top right field. Each sign is $0.25 and helps bring in more customers. Below this field, choose the cost of each glass. Customers do not buy lemonade if it's too expensive, but the price must be high enough to make a profit. The final step is to choose how many glasses of lemonade to make.

Click the Go! button and then read the report. Use the information from the report to get set up for the next day. To win the game, show a profit after 30 days.