How Do You Play the Lego Game "Ultimate Spider-Man"?


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Play the official Lego "Ultimate Spider-Man" video game by pressing correct keys on the keyboard at the right moments to jump, slide and shoot spider webs. The up arrow controls jumping, sliding requires pressing the down arrow, and the space bar shoots webs for Spider-Man to use as a rope.

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Correctly timing jumps, slides and webs allows Spider-Man to progress farther in the game, which scores play based on the virtual distance traveled by the Marvel superhero. Doc Ock occasionally appears to wreak havoc and make things more difficult for the superhero. Avoiding traps, such as spiked balls and reporters, helps keep Spidey moving quickly and provides greater control over his movements. Some traps launch Spider-Man upwards uncontrollably while others cause him to fall into pits that end the game.

Spider-Man has only one life in the game, and the game resets when he falls into a pit or fails to land on a safe surface. Players may repeat the course multiple times to attempt to reach the highest score possible. The Game Over screen on Lego "Ultimate Spider-Man" displays the score from the last game completed on a player's computer along with the maximum score for all attempts using that system.

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