How Do You Play LEGO Creator?

How Do You Play LEGO Creator?

Stacking LEGO pieces together and building fun creations is how kids play LEGO Creator, which is a theme in the LEGO lineup. There are plenty LEGO kits that are part of this series, such as Toy & Grocery Shop and Beach Hut.

As with any LEGO series, children can mix and match pieces from the Creator theme with other LEGO series pieces. However, each kit comes with just enough pieces to build the building or object that appears on the front of the package. This means that kids need to keep the instructions and all of the pieces together so that they can still make the structure.

The Toy & Grocery Shop is a unique kit in the LEGO Creator lineup because it offers a wide array of buildings to create. After finishing the construction, children can use their LEGO people to get fresh vegetables and fruit from the grocery store or to walk across the bridge to the toy shop next door.

The Beach Hut allows kids to create a unique beach dwelling for their surfing LEGO people. This kit not only comes with the pieces that they need to make the beach hut but also the pieces and instructions to create a surf shop.

Children who want to take their LEGO Creator fun to the next level can download the official “LEGO Creator Island” app from Google Play. In this game, they get to create an entire island.