How Do You Play "Lego Batman: The Videogame"?


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In "Lego Batman: The Videogame," one or two players control various Lego-style Batman characters from a third-person perspective. Gameplay spans across 30 different levels set in Gotham City, with players controlling both heroes and villains.

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Of the 30-total levels, 15 hero levels act as chapters among three different stories. Each story focuses on Batman and Robin's attempt at capturing Riddler, Penguin and the Joker. Within each level or chapter, players fight enemies using hand-to-hand combat techniques or a variety of weapons, such as batarangs and a sonic gun. Players advance through each level by solving puzzles, building objects from in-game Lego pieces and beating the chapter's boss character, including Mr. Freeze and Catwoman. Within each level, players collect Lego studs as a form of in-game currency. Additional characters and vehicles are purchased with Lego studs.

Playable hero characters including Batman, Robin and Batgirl have interchangeable costumes, each with unique abilities. For example, Batman's standard cape and cowl is replaced with a glide suit for flying across hazardous terrain. Robin's technology suit enables interaction with tech panels, while the water suit provides access to underwater locations.

The Batcave acts as the game's central hub, where players choose entry to one of 30 levels. Once a level is completed in Story Mode by the heroes, both the level's Free Play Mode and the corresponding villain chapter are unlocked. Villain characters are playable once unlocked or purchased with Lego studs. Like the heroes, each villain includes either a unique weapon or ability.

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