How Do You Play the Left-Right Story Gift Exchange Game?

To play the left-right story gift exchange game, each participant begins by bringing a wrapped gift to the exchange. Each player sits or stands in a circle holding a gift. One person reads a story that contains the words left and right several times. Each time the players hear the word "right" in the story, the gift is passed to the person on the right. When "left" is read, the gift is passed to person on the left.

At the end of the game, each person keeps the gift she is holding. Anyone holds the gift she came with exchanges it with the person on the right. The left-right story gift exchange game is popularly played for holiday gift exchanges, birthday parties or other celebrations. The wording of the story can be written to personalize the game to the participants by name and according to the occasion of the gift exchange. Any story can be used as long as the words left and right appear frequently within the body of the story. It is common for the story to use the words left and right as names in the story, such as calling the main characters Susan Right or Billy Left.