How Do You Play the Left Right Christmas Game?

Play the Left Right Christmas game by passing gifts left or right depending on which word appears while telling a Christmas story. The nativity story works well with this game.

First, pass out candy canes or gifts to everyone in the group. Then have everybody sit in a circle. For bigger groups, form several smaller circles, and make sure that each circle has between five and 30 people. Instruct the guests to pass the gifts right when the word "right" is read and left when the world "left" is read. The guests can also bring white elephant gifts for the game or ornaments for an ornament exchange.

Either find a Christmas story that happens to have many lefts and rights in it or read a story prepared for the game such as the "Right Left Christmas Game Nativity Story" from the Diva Girl Parties and Stuff website or "Suing Santa" from the White Elephant Rules website. After the story ends, the guest gets to keep the gift in her hands. The Cookie Exchange website contains several stories, such as "'Twas the Night Right Before Christmas," a story that places right and left strategically before words in the original poem, and "Left/Right Game."