How Do You Play Las Vegas Solitaire Online?


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Las Vegas Solitaire games are available at Games.com, Online Games Zone and Solitaire Craving. The goal of the game is to place all of the cards on four foundation columns according to suit. The player must play the ace of each suit first, then each ascending card value in order.

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The main rule difference between Las Vegas Solitaire and the popular Klondike variation is the number of cards the player draws on each turn. The player turns over one card on each turn instead of three and is limited to only one pass through the deck. The game ends when the player turns over the last card of the deck and has no more possible moves.

The board consists of 28 cards laid out in seven columns. The first column only includes one card, the second column includes two cards, the third column includes three cards, and so on. Each card slightly overlaps the card beneath it. The last card of each column is turned face-up while the others are face-down. The player makes moves by placing cards on top of the next-highest value card of an opposite-colored suit. For example, a nine of hearts sits on top of a 10 of spades or 10 of clubs.

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