How do you play Kirby in SSBB?


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The character Kirby in "Super Smash Bros Brawl" follows the same basic controls as other characters, only Kirby has special abilities carried over from his own series of video games. Kirby has ground, normal, smash, aerial, grab, throw, special and taunt attacks. Additionally he has the attack that he is most well known for, which involves inhaling enemies and then gaining their attributes.

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A dash attack is accomplished by pressing sideways twice, which for Kirby means he spins on his hands while kicking in the air. Tilting a Wii remote forward does a roundhouse kick, while an up tilt accomplishes Kirby's vertical kick from behind. A down tilt is a crouching kick along the ground.

Hitting the "2" button while pressing one of the directions gets Kirby to use smash attacks such as a leg sweep, backflip and split spin. Pressing sideways while hitting this number allows Kirby to perform a leg sweep that knocks an opponent back and interrupts certain moves made by an enemy. Pressing "up" and "2" does a backflip, a move that causes damage and a knock back. Pressing "down" and "2" is a more defensive move along the edge of Kirby's range.

Kirby's inhale is a special move done by pressing the "1" button. Pressing "1" and then hitting a direction on the pad does a hammer, final cutter, stone or "cook Kirby" move. The "cook Kirby" combination involves putting characters into a cauldron before it spits them out as Kirby's finishing move.

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